Aria Cohousing is a multi-generational, intentional living community in Denver, Colorado. 

Founded in 2017, the Aria Cohousing Community is comprised of 28 individual units under one roof. The community includes a shared kitchen, community room, dining room, sunroom/library and outdoor spaces. Each individual unit also has its own living room, dining room and kitchen.

We believe that living together, sharing meals, engaging in meaningful activities together, and helping each other with life's burdens and joys is an important part of a life well lived. 

Does living in this kind of community interest you? Several units at Aria are still available.
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About us

Aria Cohousing is situated in the heart of the new Aria neighborhood in Northwest Denver.

Who We Are

Our community is made up of people from all over the country who have traveled to Denver to be a part of Aria Cohousing. Our members have climbed in the Himalayas, taught at universities, served in the military, and contributed to their communities, among other adventures.

Photos From Our Community

Our Vision

As part of Aria Denver, we are a multigenerational group of individuals and families living together in community to support and enrich each others' lives. We are committed to sharing talents, resources and responsibilities, living in a healthy way, leaving a small footprint on the land, and having a positive impact on surrounding neighborhoods.


Community Meals at Aria Cohousing

Every week, Aria Cohousing members get together for a community meal. We believe that by breaking bread together regularly, we become a stronger community.